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Elite Nails and Spa - Nail salon 32082 - Ponte Vedra Beach FL : Nail art is by far the most widespread and common trend among the women of 21st century. Nobody can undermine the importance of nail art in the fashion world.

What is the difference between shellac and gel nails?

A gel manicure and a Shellac manicure are essentially the same thing: long-lasting polishes cured under UV lamps. The difference is that "gel nails" or "manicure" is the generic term for nails done under a UV lamp, while Shellac is a brand of gel nails by the company Creative Nail Design (CND).

How long do Shellac Nails last?

About two weeks. Shellac was the first hybrid polish, produced by CND, and you can expect manicures to last about two weeks. Some may find that the chip-free finish lasts longer than this, but it's recommended that you get them removed after 14 days as by this time your own nail will have started to grow out.

Can you Ombre with shellac?

It is possible to ombre a shellac colours with a powder. For example, paint the whole nail in bicycle yellow and then blend a neon orange powder onto the top half of the nail.


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